365- Month Seven by Amanda Powell

Some thoughts to go with the month of July:

No matter what, moving forward is about movement, not about the where. We have to learn to love the process of this one life, instead of searching for a final destination, or arriving.

Results are tantalizing. They are the evidence of our how. But they can’t be what we chase. We have to enjoy the running part.

Kaylee by Amanda Powell

I try usually to not place too much attention on a person's physical attributes. However, I do work in a visual medium where the focus is most definitely on appearance. This doesn't have to be a negative thing. There are so many shades, shapes, colors, and textures to people, individual things that make us each unique. I believe this variety can be used to show something deeper. Photography doesn't have to just be a surface-level medium. Whatever positive attribute I focus on should, hopefully, reveal something more about the subject. That's the goal anyway. To make deeper, less superficial portaits of every person I photograph.

All of this being said, let's get back to the initial point I want to make:

Kaylee has amazing red hair. Long, and stunning, and a perfect frame for her welcoming (and usually smiling) face.  She has deep brown eyes, that, when the light catches them just right, turn a similar color to her hair. All beautiful physical characteristics, made all the better by the person she is.

This girl is on fire in the best way. I hope you see what I'm talking about.

Kaylee, best of luck with your photography business, family, and up coming marriage. 2016 will be a big year for you, I know it! Lets keep in touch :-)

The Department of Agra Culture's 2nd Pop-Up Caravan by Amanda Powell

I was very excited to photograph this event for a local company, The Department of Agra Culture  at the beginning of this month. Every so often, the DOA puts on a pop-up caravan, selling handmade items from around the world. Purses, hats, rugs, bags, scarves, blankets, etc- all very beautiful, very reasonably priced, and bought directly from the men and women who make them. I love what the Dept of Agra Culture is doing. They've brought these items to the Huntsville AL area, where similar products are hard to come by. They tell the story behind those goods and are interested in raising awareness of what goes into making each item. They've also hosted a workshop with Encourage Huntsville, to teach weaving techniques to locals (which I missed and hate that I missed!!). I'm so excited to see where this company is headed. The DOA has an interesting vision, and I appreciate their desire to improve the creative community in Huntsville.

If you missed the caravan, and would still love to get your hands on a beautiful, handmade product, check out the D of A's online store here.  Or just check out all the visual goodness on that site. Really, click the link. See what they're about!

The Holschen Family by Amanda Powell

Thank you, Holschens, for being such patient subjects.. It was cold and windy, and I kept asking you to sit in shady, colder, windier spots for the best light. 

Still, you guys looked good, and were so warm towards each other, like a family should be. It was a pleasure to photograph you and your bright-eyed girls. I enjoyed getting to know you, if only for a couple hours on a (very) cold Saturday afternoon!

The Swendsboes by Amanda Powell

Hey Y'all!

I was very flattered to be chosen for the Swendsboe's first ever official family portraits. This family is charming. This family is fun. This family was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Both kids are grown (one is married, the other a nurse), but these amiable people still exude warmth- both for each other and for any who have the privilage of calling them friends. A great bunch, these people.

*the Swendsboes are wearing t-shirts from a local Huntsville brand, Tiny Vines.