Hey there! 


I’m Amanda-wife to a good man and mother of two wild and lovely girls. I like travel, love coffee, have a terrible sugar habit, and can't get away from the nagging desire to create, either photographs or other various art projects.

My goal is to represent clients in the most flattering, and honest, way I can. Long story short, I believe in the intrinsic value of everyone and work from this foundation.  

We deserve to see ourselves, wonderfully and uniquely made, not through our own, sometimes critical lens, but in a fresh way. That’s my deal. That’s why I love photographing people.

I’d love to share what I see in your family, your wedding, your senior, or even yourself, and get to know you a little along the way.


Natural light is my favorite tool, and the outdoors is my studio. The PNW is beautiful year round. This region offers some of the most amazing light. I feel so spoiled here. It truly is a photographer’s paradise. 

I keep things very simple, 1 camera, 1-3 lenses, and 1 quirky photographer. I'm often a mix of serious and silly, organized and all over the place, put together, but totally windswept (my hair has a mind of it's own in this Bellingham wind). A session with me is interesting, to be sure! Our time together is generally relaxed and simple, with an emphasis on having a good time to produce better photos.

On occasion, indoor or studio shots may pop up in posts. Some of these sessions are experimental. Others are normal sessions in indoor homes or venues with plenty of natural light. Also, heavily doctored or photoshopped portraits are not typically included in my portraits, unless I'm learning a new editing skill or working on a special project for fun. I shoot all sorts of work, and due to the part-time nature of my business, I am able to take on a variety of projects. SO...

Let's talk!


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