Black & White

The Holschen Family by Amanda Powell

Thank you, Holschens, for being such patient subjects.. It was cold and windy, and I kept asking you to sit in shady, colder, windier spots for the best light. 

Still, you guys looked good, and were so warm towards each other, like a family should be. It was a pleasure to photograph you and your bright-eyed girls. I enjoyed getting to know you, if only for a couple hours on a (very) cold Saturday afternoon!

Megan & Her Boys by Amanda Powell

My friendship with Megan dates back to middle school. She's an all-around lovely individual, who works hard and excels at anything she puts her mind to. One of Megan's major skills is horseback riding, particularly dressage (look it up, it's not easy). She shares a special bond with these gorgeous boys.

These photos are a few years old- Megan is married and almost through with college. She doesn't get to spend as much time riding as she used to. These photos, while dated, are still some of my favorites.