downtown huntsville

The Holschen Family by Amanda Powell

Thank you, Holschens, for being such patient subjects.. It was cold and windy, and I kept asking you to sit in shady, colder, windier spots for the best light. 

Still, you guys looked good, and were so warm towards each other, like a family should be. It was a pleasure to photograph you and your bright-eyed girls. I enjoyed getting to know you, if only for a couple hours on a (very) cold Saturday afternoon!

Matt & Emily Engaged by Amanda Powell


Two people brought together completely unexpectedly at a party. Neither one is looking for the other. An attachment is formed naturally, and a friendship grows into something more.

If you watch Matt & Emily for any period of time, you can tell just how much they mean to each other. He cares deeply for her, and she for him. There's a tender sincerity, between them, but also an air of ease. They function together well. It's the kind of foundation forever should be built upon.

The perfect backdrop for this engagement session was a church- the church where Matt's paternal grandmother worked as a seamstress her entire life. Then, the church's garden, where her ashes were scattered when she passed. Afterwards, the downtown area, only streets away from where Matt grew up.

Next May, these two will wed in another sentimental place: the backyard of Emily's childhood home.  I get the privilege of photographing this beautiful moment.

In life, you truly do find those things, those special and rich things, when you aren't looking.