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365 Photo a Day- Month Two by Amanda Powell

Our February was

2 Birthdays, lots of Treats,

Several Archival posts, and a new place for my work on Etsy.

This Month's 28 images:

365- Month One by Amanda Powell

On the first of January, I started my second 365 project this time on Instagram. The first was derailed 6 years ago by pregnancy symptoms, and since there are no more littles planned for us, I figured 2018 was as good a time as any to hone in on my skillz every day.

So far, it's been a successful one. I've had a few days where I need to pull from my archives, and sometimes I double up if we have a particularly hectic day in the world of parenting and life. Overall, it's encouraged me to keep thinking photographically, especially since I'm not full-time in my photography work.

Here's the January bunch!

Skagit Valley Spring by Amanda Powell

Some friends of ours invited us on the Skagit Valley Tulip Route back in April. We were a little early to the tulip party since this past winter was colder than normal. Still, it was a fun trip. I didn't get too many photos, obviously. Between keeping an eye on kids in the crowds,making sure the one strapped to me was happy, and conversing with our travel buddies, there wasn't much time to shoot. That's totally fine. It was great to explore a new area with some great friends we've made.

Charlotte 3.5 by Amanda Powell

Back in July we went on a "little adventure" in the field behind our house for some pictures. Charlotte wanted to wear one of her special occasion dresses, which was a great idea. She's growing fast, and I wanted to get photos before this particular moment in her life was past.  The result was super sweet, and very much Charlotte. Outside exploring, but still in a dress. 

We only spent maybe 15 minutes, but she really enjoyed herself. Kind of funny how that works. Some times I feel like I need to plan some huge thing, bursting with activities or "learning" projects, when in reality, the simplest things will do for this age. Like traipsing around in a field with a nice dress on.