Change, Even in the Smallest Form by Amanda Powell


Some years you can feel it. The atmosphere asking, even begging, for a new beginning. This one of those years I think.

Sure. 2015 was the year. 2016 was the year, 2017 was the year...BUT how about 2018 actually being the year for us all. The year we each grasp our desires and do the thing. Where we each take a brutally honest look inward, disassemble what we aren't proud of, and reshape it. Make a new beginning, for real this time. 

Or don't, and choose to be truly content. Because that act is a movement of progress in itself. Honest introspection on what you have, or who you are, coupled with acceptance, can bring about a profound change. Sometimes, "to have what you want, you must want what you have." My husband said that. (<3 him) 

Either choice is difficult, but this resistance can help us grow in ways we wouldn't otherwise. Either choice can mean a rebirth, if that's what you're looking for in the coming months.

My best to you in 2018, whatever you decide :-)


... by Amanda Powell

It's windy, or sunny, or overcast, or all of the above. This place has many emotions. Lots of things it may or may not choose to reveal through light, texture, and color. Last Sunday, for example, was a beautiful variable. A misty, wet morning, which gave way to a cerulean sky and mild temperatures. The northwest can't decide some days. This is a place that changes, shifts, and grows as much as we aspire to. It's mysterious, and uncertain, but at ease..