senior portraits

Senior Session at Lake Padden by Amanda Powell



Class of 2020

Echoing the beauty and stillness around her, in a place she grew up in.

Grace’s session was a peaceful walk around a lake she’s grown up going to. The colors during this day were spectacular. Diffused, gorgeous pacific northwest light showed up for us in the best way.

I’ve learned recently that the schools around here let students turn in their own photos for yearbook publication. This is just awesome. The individuality allowed, and the lack of needing a uniform look makes senior sessions all the more fun for me, and hopefully you all as well. I’ve also learned we have about a month before photos need to be turned in. There’s still time to get something planned, shot, edited, and right back to you! Let’s talk :-)



Senior Session at Fairhaven and Boulevard Park by Amanda Powell


This is Kierra.

Graceful, funny, kind, passionate.

A virtuous young woman, with a full heart.

She is patient and creative, and has the spark so many children find endearing. I first witnessed this when I met her at my daughter’s school, after she spent time playing with many of the kids. Kierra is studying special education, which has blossomed from a love of working with kids, and a deep care for her family and their specific experiences.

I AM thankful people like her exist, young folks with the desire to help others. A next generation of caring souls to keep us all moving forward. We need them, and her.

<3 <3 <3 <3


Jake by Amanda Powell

Jake has a unique way of looking at things. His sense of humor is quirky, smart, fun. Be around him for any length of time, and you'll probably end up laughing. And it'll most definitely be at a joke or comment you've never heard before because it comes from the depths of this guy's ever-expanding imagination.

He's also an excellent musician. You can usually find him with a (beautiful) guitar in hand (notice there are 3 different stunning ones in his session), playing something that sounds really cool or catchy.  He strums to the rhythm of his own guitar. Yes. I said that. However, if you know Jake, you know what I'm talking about, and you know this is a VERY good thing!

I've never quite met anybody like this kid. He's one of a kind.

Thanks for letting me take your photos, bro-in-law. Happy Graduation!


Kaylee by Amanda Powell

I try usually to not place too much attention on a person's physical attributes. However, I do work in a visual medium where the focus is most definitely on appearance. This doesn't have to be a negative thing. There are so many shades, shapes, colors, and textures to people, individual things that make us each unique. I believe this variety can be used to show something deeper. Photography doesn't have to just be a surface-level medium. Whatever positive attribute I focus on should, hopefully, reveal something more about the subject. That's the goal anyway. To make deeper, less superficial portaits of every person I photograph.

All of this being said, let's get back to the initial point I want to make:

Kaylee has amazing red hair. Long, and stunning, and a perfect frame for her welcoming (and usually smiling) face.  She has deep brown eyes, that, when the light catches them just right, turn a similar color to her hair. All beautiful physical characteristics, made all the better by the person she is.

This girl is on fire in the best way. I hope you see what I'm talking about.

Kaylee, best of luck with your photography business, family, and up coming marriage. 2016 will be a big year for you, I know it! Lets keep in touch :-)