Jake / by Amanda Powell

Jake has a unique way of looking at things. His sense of humor is quirky, smart, fun. Be around him for any length of time, and you'll probably end up laughing. And it'll most definitely be at a joke or comment you've never heard before because it comes from the depths of this guy's ever-expanding imagination.

He's also an excellent musician. You can usually find him with a (beautiful) guitar in hand (notice there are 3 different stunning ones in his session), playing something that sounds really cool or catchy.  He strums to the rhythm of his own guitar. Yes. I said that. However, if you know Jake, you know what I'm talking about, and you know this is a VERY good thing!

I've never quite met anybody like this kid. He's one of a kind.

Thanks for letting me take your photos, bro-in-law. Happy Graduation!