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Blushing Willows Spring Session by Amanda Powell


Spring has been beautiful, colorful, bright, and just lovely.

Fitting, because these photos feel like all of that. This momma and her girls feel like all of that.

Mothers Day is coming up, and I wish any biological moms, god moms, people who have mothered children, even if they haven't birthed them, a time of being appreciated.

Here's to Mom's who work hard, who pursue their dreams, who sacrifice those dreams, who don't sacrifice, but still find a way to be there for their kids. Who set the example for their children. Who embody the many variations of feminine strength. Not of perfection, but of progress. A massive shout out to those who don't have children, but care for them like they were their own. Who wipe up, clean up, build up, and hold the place together. Who are inconsistent in parenting because they are human, but never in love.  

Have a great week, ladies.


****Thanks for meeting up again, Haley! (see the Fall session here) A spring momma session was in order, and you gals were awesome. Everyone else, check out Blushing Willows Boutique ( @blushingwillows on Instagram), she's got a great business.****

The Picones by Amanda Powell

I give you Ashley and Rico, two friends of ours who live in Washington.

Rico, a philosophical scientist, a deep thinker and professor.

Ashley, thorough and thoughtful, a coffee enthusiast who notices the little things.

They form quite the pair. They're fun and affectionate. They listen AND bring something of value to the conversation.

While I know this is starting to sound like some weird personal couple's ad, it's not. These folks are just so great. Really. We hit it off with them a few years ago during another Washington trip, and we've been good friends since. They are two special people, both to each other, and us. 

Beryl by Amanda Powell

This girl. I've met many who know her. All of them love her.

She's the kind of person who draws others in by her sweet smile, but also by the conviction behind those dark eyes. 

She is a person of purpose, action, and accomplishment. Beryl, while not from the US, has immersed herself in this culture in such a way to leave her mark. She has the makings of greatness.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

-Marcus Aurelius