My goal with the work I produce is to represent people in the most flattering but honest, way I can. 

People have such a wonderful light. If I can grab that in a photo, you'll usually see my unapologetic happy dance. I'm often an unexpected mix of serious and silly, organized and all over the place, put together, but totally windswept (my hair has a mind of it's own). One thing you can count on- I will do my best to photograph you, or your family, or your life event, in a truthful and colorful way.

Natural light is my favorite tool, and the outdoors is my studio. What better way to truly represent someone than available natural light, right? However, a few inside studio shots may pop up in posts from time to time. I typically do those as experiments, since indoor lighting (with flash) isn't my specialty. Also, heavily doctored or photoshopped portraits are not something I make, unless I'm learning a new skill or working on a special project for fun.

Everyone has something that makes them uniquely beautiful. I aim to prove it simply...and without tons of software intervention. I'm open to trying whatever you have in mind for your particular session. Let's talk!


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