Skagit Valley Spring by Amanda Powell

Some friends of ours invited us on the Skagit Valley Tulip Route back in April. We were a little early to the tulip party since this past winter was colder than normal. Still, it was a fun trip. I didn't get too many photos, obviously. Between keeping an eye on kids in the crowds,making sure the one strapped to me was happy, and conversing with our travel buddies, there wasn't much time to shoot. That's totally fine. It was great to explore a new area with some great friends we've made.

... by Amanda Powell

It's windy, or sunny, or overcast, or all of the above. This place has many emotions. Lots of things it may or may not choose to reveal through light, texture, and color. Last Sunday, for example, was a beautiful variable. A misty, wet morning, which gave way to a cerulean sky and mild temperatures. The northwest can't decide some days. This is a place that changes, shifts, and grows as much as we aspire to. It's mysterious, and uncertain, but at ease.. 

Kate & Charlotte by Amanda Powell

 Meet Kate & Charlotte. Two independent, smart, energetic, and stylish gals who make a trip to Boulevard Park super enjoyable.

 Charlotte is an expert runner, climber and explorer. And man, let me tell you, Kate can keep up like it's nothing, all while growing a human. I'm impressed. Growing people is hard work.

So glad I was able to photograph this special time before Charlotte becomes a big sister, and Kate has two to chase after. Thank you for being great photo companions, ladies!

Jacob by Amanda Powell

So this is Jacob, and my first set of "official" photos after a looooong hiatus. We took to the streets of downtown Bellingham for a short but uber successful senior session. Jacob is a friendly, but quiet fella who likes to ride invisible flying bicycles. You'll see what I mean in the slideshow ;-) He's a gifted theater performer, an excellent student, and plays a mean Scrabble game. Downtown Bellingham, with its subdued excitement, seemed like a fitting location for this guy.

I've decided this place is basically a portrait photographer's dream.  There're so many fantastic backgrounds, both natural and manmade, and it seems completely possible to find a location to suit just about anyone. And the light , oh my word, the light!!!!!

Looking forward to stretching my photography muscles and getting out there more to explore! Interested in coming along? Fill out the messaging form on my contact page and I'll be in touch!

Solitude or, 27 Ways to Photograph a Sunset by Amanda Powell

A couple weeks ago I took a solo outing to Boulevard. I needed to think in the quiet, eat a treat, and drink a coffee. I also wanted to stretch my photography muscles by adding variation to a scene I've seen over and over again the last several months. (Not a complaint, by the way). 

Hopefully these images are different enough to post without boring anyone. Sorry, they're aren't 27. Or maybe, you're welcome? With the sheer amount of content online, and all of the various pictures, stories, comments we consume daily, I try to limit how much I'm throwing out into the internet.

Also, if I wasn't careful, this blog would just turn into one big document of Boulevard Park, established summer of 1980. ;-) 

^^^^^this was AMAZING^^^^^


ONE by Amanda Powell

Eliza at One

She's a hoot. A complete ham. Loves attention, laughing, making others laugh, and bopping to a good beat. She's very animated and talkative, communicating to us all in her own little language while sometimes trying to mimic our words. 

Eliza loves to climb. She makes a beeline for any un-gated stairwell and enjoys seeing how far she can get before she's caught (yikes). She also really likes food and currently has 6 teeth with more poking through.

This little bear is such a fun little soul. Can't wait to see how she grows!

Samish Overlook by Amanda Powell

Over the weekend we found another gem in our area. A spot where on a clear day the San Juans, Olympic Mountains, and even Rainer to the South are visible. The landscape in this part of the United States is just unreal.

Some lovely people even offered to shoot a few photos with all of us, which I appreciated. Thank you, whoever you are!

This One by Amanda Powell

Our second-born will be 11 months in 4 days. Eliza's an adorable rascal- she's animated and downright hilarious in the way she tries to make other people laugh. She's congenial- doling out kisses and hugs and cuddles to people (as long as she's the one doing it- independence runeth in our family). Her favorite things are food (SOOO my child), music (with a good beat, mind you. She'll break that beat down), and climbing on just about anything.

We love this little bear :-)

By the way, Happy New Year! I hope your 2017 is smashing ;-)