Goals for 2016 by Amanda Powell

One of my goals in 2016 is to put my best foot forward in photography. To say yes to more opportunities, thereby giving myself room to fail. It's kind of a scary goal, but that's what I'd like. Room to fail = room to grow, as hard as it is to accept. 

I'd also like to change how many photos I share of each particular project. When it comes to portraits, I'm going to (try to) limit myself to 10-20 of my favorite shots from each session. This is going to be a challenge. Consolidating the images is always so difficult. I want the images to both have variety and flow, which feels harder to accomplish when presenting less.

2016 is going to be a personal transition year as well. As I've written before, we're waiting on the arrival of our newest member, a little girl coming in February. We are really looking forward to this little one. And our first is so ready to be a big sister, she can hardly stand the excitement when we talk about her. It's interesting to see a 3 year old be so involved in what's going on. Her face lights up, she points to my belly, and launches into a (sometimes non-comprehensible) monologue about how great the whole sister thing is. I know there will be new challenges with two instead of one. The dynamic will be different with our family. I don't want to be held back mentally by this by having too many expectations in either direction. The goal is to keep moving, keep loving, keep working..and do it all to the best of my ability. 

So, mov-ing right along.. looking forward to sharing the first session of 2016 with you in the next couple hours (or even tomorrow, depending on how things go)! I need to go pick out those 10-20 images...