boulevard park

Kate & Charlotte by Amanda Powell

 Meet Kate & Charlotte. Two independent, smart, energetic, and stylish gals who make a trip to Boulevard Park super enjoyable.

 Charlotte is an expert runner, climber and explorer. And man, let me tell you, Kate can keep up like it's nothing, all while growing a human. I'm impressed. Growing people is hard work.

So glad I was able to photograph this special time before Charlotte becomes a big sister, and Kate has two to chase after. Thank you for being great photo companions, ladies!

Solitude or, 27 Ways to Photograph a Sunset by Amanda Powell

A couple weeks ago I took a solo outing to Boulevard. I needed to think in the quiet, eat a treat, and drink a coffee. I also wanted to stretch my photography muscles by adding variation to a scene I've seen over and over again the last several months. (Not a complaint, by the way). 

Hopefully these images are different enough to post without boring anyone. Sorry, they're aren't 27. Or maybe, you're welcome? With the sheer amount of content online, and all of the various pictures, stories, comments we consume daily, I try to limit how much I'm throwing out into the internet.

Also, if I wasn't careful, this blog would just turn into one big document of Boulevard Park, established summer of 1980. ;-) 

^^^^^this was AMAZING^^^^^