Our Month by Amanda Powell

We've been coughing, hacking, sniffling, breathing heavy all of December. Oh my goodness are we tired of this. I cannot stress enough the bummer that occurs when you go from a person who is never ever EVER sick to constant congestion, runny nose, and nastiness. People have told us it will get better. New place=new germs. Gosh, I hope so.

We've gotten out quite a bit despite sickness, on good days when symptoms aren't as bad or things seem to turn a corner. I hate how inconsiderate this seems, but we try to be careful. Cabin fever is real, especially when the world outside your door is so awesome. I hope we haven't spread anything. Maybe we aren't contagious anymore, just adjusting to a new location.

So, here's a mash up of random photos from late November and December.  Christmas is almost a week away, which is pretty incredible. I love this time of year; despite sickness it's always a magical time.

Notice my husband can levitate snowballs in the last few photos. Kind of amazing, eh?