365- Month Three / by Amanda Powell

I have a tendency to avoid sharing the negative publicly, even though I strive for authenticity. I don’t think it's dishonest to avoid sharing problems. After all, there IS such a thing as privacy. That being said, the month of March wasn't my best or brightest. This particular batch is colorful, and contrasty, and for the most part happy, but last month felt pretty different.

 The instagram perspective can be skewed in my feed. But the honest truth is, I struggle.

I struggle raising little people well, I struggle being a good partner. I have such a hard time with my own skin. Current events in the world weigh on me, to the point of avoiding news for periods of time. Seeing family and friends in rough situations when I can do nothing to help is a struggle as well. 

Some months it's so easy to be overwhelmed with the negative. It's there, all around us. At times, it's completely unavoidable. But the silver lining I've found is I still have some sort of power, even in the smallest amount, through my perspective. Some things are external, where the only control I have is my own response. Other things are wholly internal (see paragraph above), and truly up to me to grow out of. 

At any rate, it's now April, and man this month has been so much better. Still things to worry about for sure, but the goal is to reign in my perspective.

I hope if you're going through a tough time, things start to look up. Happy Monday all! Have a good week :-)

(PS: March should have 31 images, but I goofed, and now the April post will have 31. May should be back to normal with a proper amount of photos to correspond with no. of days in month. As a Type A, this is seriously a bother-ha! BUT, c'est la Vie.)