Larrabee Sunset / by Amanda Powell

Over the last few days a yellow haze has settled over Bellingham. Current weather conditions have channeled smoke from Canadian forest fires all along the i-5 corridor, instead of up over the Cascades to the east. The look of this place is changed.. So much so in fact, that hardly any of the surrounding hills and mountains are visible. 

Back before the BC wildfire smoke set in, before hazy streams overtook the blue, clear skies of a Bellingham Summer, I headed to Larrabee to catch a sunset. 

It was quiet and calm, despite the number of people who also came to watch. The water even followed suit, with gentle subdued waves, despite a quickly rising tide. Rebellious gulls however, had quite a bit to say, and descended into a huge feeding frenzy over the water as the sun tucked under the horizon. Even so, it was a nice evening. It gave my ever-churning introverted mind a bit of rest. 

Looking forward to clear, clean skies again. And, sincerely wishing those affected by the fires in Canada a swift return to some sort of normalcy.