Boulevard Park / by Amanda Powell

In our short time here we've discovered that Bellingham boasts some of the most beautiful parks. Boulevard has become one of our favorites. It's a great place for a walk or picnic dinner. PLUS it's home to a Woods Coffee shop which overlooks Bellingham Bay. You can't go wrong with a great view and a damn fine cup of coffee. Woods is all over Bellingham, but the Boulevard Park location is our favorite. We've been there for sunsets..and sunrises. It was an absolute lifesaver one morning when we'd been up with our girls most of the night. A hard few hours turned into a beautiful morning for a couple caffeine-fueled, but content, adults. 

So, chances are if you visit us, one of the things we'll do is pack a picnic dinner then head to Boulevard for the sunset and a delightful, warm cup of coffee.