Sophie- Part 2 / by Amanda Powell

Thank you again, Sophie! It was a pleasure to photograph your senior year photos! I love this second set. I hope you and the fam do to!

Hi all! I hope you had a great holiday season! We certainly did. Thanksgiving hit, then multiple family birthdays, then Christmas, then New Years. It was kind of a whirlwind at times, but so very fun. We needed the break to focus on our family and home. It was wonderful.

After taking said wonderful break, I'm back at blogging for a few weeks. Baby #2 is due in February, so I plan on taking off again for a few months after the baby is born. We have the sneaking suspicion she'll be early, like our first was. Hopefully she hang out in there a little longer though. We need to get all the things done (said the current nesting mom).

34 weeks and counting! Can't wait to meet this peanut.


Finally, for your viewing pleasure, Sophie's second installment of senior photos. I'm so glad she chose a new-to-me location. Downtown Athens is great, folks. If you're looking for a fresh spot for your own portraits, this is the place. So many old buildings with variety in color and texture- the perfect location for simple portraits. Any takers for a downtown Athens session in 2016?