The Newmans / by Amanda Powell

This family session was shot a few weeks ago, while Huntsville was experiencing some pretty intense cooler temperatures. On the plus side, it meant rosy cheeks and no other photographers volleying for the many nice locations in downtown. I was able to shoot this session quickly, plus, the light was fan-tastic. There's nothing quite like winter light. Sure it's cold, and summer is warm. But summer can be so harsh in the south, with a blaring sun and air so humid walking feels like swimming. During a southern summer, the second you're out of the shower, you're sweating again. One never truly feels clean in the hotter months (or really, never feel clean, maybe I'm not alone in this). Massive digression...

ANYWAY, I've always been partial to shooting in the cold, and the Newman family did wonderfully. They didn't complain a bit. In fact, there was a lot of smiling and laughing, even from their little Addie. All she wanted to do was walk and explore, aided by her two pleasant parents.

Nana came along to keep the little miss comfy and happy in the car during Mom and Dad's photos, which was so helpful. Any parent knows how wonderful loving help can be, even with such a good little girl like this one.

Thank you, Nathan, Megan, Susan, and little Addie for braving the cold and letting me photograph your genuine smiles and rosy cheeks!