Solitude or, 27 Ways to Photograph a Sunset by Amanda Powell

A couple weeks ago I took a solo outing to Boulevard. I needed to think in the quiet, eat a treat, and drink a coffee. I also wanted to stretch my photography muscles by adding variation to a scene I've seen over and over again the last several months. (Not a complaint, by the way). 

Hopefully these images are different enough to post without boring anyone. Sorry, they're aren't 27. Or maybe, you're welcome? With the sheer amount of content online, and all of the various pictures, stories, comments we consume daily, I try to limit how much I'm throwing out into the internet.

Also, if I wasn't careful, this blog would just turn into one big document of Boulevard Park, established summer of 1980. ;-) 

^^^^^this was AMAZING^^^^^


Our Month by Amanda Powell

We've been coughing, hacking, sniffling, breathing heavy all of December. Oh my goodness are we tired of this. I cannot stress enough the bummer that occurs when you go from a person who is never ever EVER sick to constant congestion, runny nose, and nastiness. People have told us it will get better. New place=new germs. Gosh, I hope so.

We've gotten out quite a bit despite sickness, on good days when symptoms aren't as bad or things seem to turn a corner. I hate how inconsiderate this seems, but we try to be careful. Cabin fever is real, especially when the world outside your door is so awesome. I hope we haven't spread anything. Maybe we aren't contagious anymore, just adjusting to a new location.

So, here's a mash up of random photos from late November and December.  Christmas is almost a week away, which is pretty incredible. I love this time of year; despite sickness it's always a magical time.

Notice my husband can levitate snowballs in the last few photos. Kind of amazing, eh? 

BOO! 2016 by Amanda Powell

I'm not sure how October passed without a single blog post. All I know is, we were sick for about a third of it, and now it's November. Yikes.

Yesterday was Halloween, and Charlotte was completely into it. She talked most of the month about trick-or-treating and "spooky stuff." 

We took her and Eliza to Fairhaven for a local business-sponsored trick or treat. It was kind of magical. Growing up in the 90's, I watched all those seasonal movies, like Casper and Hocus Pocus. These movies were set in fictitious small towns decked out in Halloween paraphernalia, with a backdrop of beautiful fall colors, and a chill in the air.  Being from the South, I figured towns with this atmosphere were a Hollywood myth. Halloween in Alabama was warm and not a big deal. The people, in ever-lingering flipflops, didn't think too much of afore mentioned "spooky stuff" for various cultural reasons I won't go in to. It really just wasn't a "thing". Fall festivals and trunk or treat, yes. Halloween "stuff," no. Which is fine, I'm not saying good/bad either way.

BEST costume ever.

BEST costume ever.

Fairhaven though. The stuff of movie legends. It was so neat to see this little historic district so colorful, the shop owners completely in costume, laughter, excitement, and fun in the air. It sounds corny I know, but really. It was too cool. I'm an adult and I was excited. I think Charlotte had a pretty great time too.